Thursday, March 17, 2011

DuckTelling ;D

In January of this Year, I has the great pleasure to be indicated by a friend, to a Game Developer Company: the TechFront
I contact them, and than I was ask to develop a "Concept Design Test".

The Test consisted in create a character like it was made to be a "partner" for the famous Lara Croft own, but... would to looks like it has came from a "place" like the reality of the DuckTales!
That was Genious! hehehe
I mean, a "Duck like Tomb Explorer/Adventurer"?!?
That was lot of Fun!

And in those 4 racing hours that I had to create the Character, it was really Fun indeed ;D
So, here it is the original Sketches and the final work of the selected character ;)

The Tall one I made thinking about an "more athletic" partner for Croft, while the Indiana´s Hat One was made as a "MaleDuck more like Lara"...
Now this little one is my favorite!
He is more like "I´m not a great fighter, But I reallyREALLY Love Adventures" Hehehe
Almost like an little scout boy - with a fine goggles ´cause he knows how to pilot an Ultralight!
But this was the chosen one! After all, maybe he makes more the "players taste" hehehe
Hope you Like it ;)

C Ya Later!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Very First Time

Oh My... i´m kind of nervous.
I´ve never had made anything in a Blog before!
So, this is a Huge Step!

Well, lets see how I´ll take for now on ;D
Hopefully, I will fill this Blog with my Drawings.
So here some pages of my Sketchbook...


  "Klint´s Life Style" Medusa ;)

Ruuuun! /e/

Playing with Pottery...

Well, hope you Like it ;)
C ya