Monday, September 19, 2011

Character Design to Education!

Hi Everyone!
Since I work a lot on the develop of Illustrations to e-learning - educative softwares - I thought that would be a little interesting to share with you some of my Characters Design in this media.
So, here it is some works that I did to CiaTech (

This ones I create and develop by following an original and exquisite design style created by my friend - and partner on this project - Andre Zendron (

The briefing was a successful businesswoman and a intern in early career that wold taht would be part of the same company...This polygonal-cartoon style was really nice to explore, but I Still think we shoud have have used more "crazy colors" ;D

Now here is other Character Design that I create.

These characters I design for an Educational Game for CiaTeh.
The idea is that the game-story would develop during the period of a industrial-revolution-fantasy days. As inspiration to this design style, I thought about cartoons of the 70s and also the character styles of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker :)
This work was really really Fun to be executable.

And here is some other character designs that I made for other projects...

I really love to create concepts of characters. Whenever possible, I try to explore different shapes, forms, ways and styles to express them - and sometimes, my ideas too ;)

Hope you Like it!
Soon I´ll post more character concepts.

Hugss to All.
C ya