Sunday, August 14, 2011

Princess Just Wanna Have Fun!

Hey Everyone!
Anyone here has little sisters?
Well, I Have One, and I have to say that is not only really Fun, but was the inspiration for this work that I made some months ago...

In December of 2010, a magazine of kids and children  from Editora Abril, called Revista Recreio (, invited me to participate in the development of an illustration of one of the mini-games (a Game of 7 Errors) that the magazine will bring in February... and I accepted ;D

They gave me some freedom to create an image that was funny and childish. (And asked me to follow a style of design they have seen in my PortFolio...)
I thought a bit about what could be... and then came an idea inspired by a situation I ALWAYS saw - every night - when my stepfather tried to get my little sister to sleep (By the way, when she and her friends are together... Its an ENDLESS PARTY)
So I suggested a scene in which a King - in Desperation - tries to put his Seven Daughters to sleep, but hey ... Girls Just Want to Have Fun! ;D
And I send this sketch of my suggestion 
(Obs: the green areas, shows where would be the hidden 7 errors of the game) 
The magazine publishers really enjoyed. 
They made some extra suggestions, and based on them, I´ve made ​​some little modifications. Then, after final approval, I gave them this image. Ta-Daaaaaa

Had a great time doing with this work, and I Really want (and love) to do many more! I hope that this passage in the Revista Recreio has me open some doors for future works. 
Now here are some details that I really like this image:
The King, with his Expression of "HOLY CRAP!!"
The Little Mouse on the head of Cat... Huhuhu he looks like a Peanut Curious.
And last but not least, my little muse on this work: my Sister

Well, I know that I do not say to you this as much as I like, but:
I Love you very Much Olivia <:)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The BlackCat

Its been a Long time since a make my last post huh...
Well, but there is an explanation for everything... even for that!
After all, I was really busy with a FreeLance that I took.

It was a Project to a Research Center of Biomedicine... the Instituto Butantan ( - in São Paulo.
But I talk about this in another time...

Today, I´m gonna Show you All a creation of mine - and a friend very close to me, called Alexandre Mercaldi.
This is KuroNeko (Black Cat).
Well, its not a very recent work but, since I want to restart this project, I believe that its a nice opportunity to share with you, the very first concept of this character.
Hope you enjoy it ;)