Friday, March 30, 2012

The Merfolk Lord Returns

Hello everybody!
Here I am, after so many months away.

And do not come with empty hands!
I bring you my new "piece of art"... a "remake" of the Ancient - and very, very Dear to Me - Lord of Atlantis [].

For those who do not know, Lord of Atlantis it is a character/card from the more famous Trading Card Game of this Planet: MAGIC The Gathering []

And well, I am a great fan of this game for years.
And one of my dearest kind of decks for sure, its the one of aquatic creatures ... more precisely: the Merfolks.

Moreover, the Lord of Atlantis not only its part of one of my favorite decks, but also was one of my very first cards - many years ago, when I was a little boy with only 11 years old ...

Well, enough of Blablabla XP
Here I present to you, my redesign of this valuable character:

And here I show you some of the making off ...
Hope you Enjoy it :)

Huggs, and C Ya